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Empress Ballroom, Arena & Pavilion

Ghost Hunt : Friday 25 February 2022

Join us on a 5-hour ghost hunt of The Empress Ballroom along with The Arena & The Pavilion at Blackpool's famous Winter Gardens.

The Empress Ballroom opened in 1896 and was one of the largest ballrooms in the world. During the Great War, the entire Winter Gardens site was thrown open to the naval and military forces stationed nearby. Early in 1918, the Admiralty requisitioned the Empress Ballroom to assemble gas envelopes for the R.33 airship. There are so many sightings including that of a little boy in the Empress Ballroom. Who also wanders the top balcony and lifts up the base of the seats?

Not only will you investigate the Empress Ballroom on this night; you will also be able to investigate The Arena and The Pavilion Theatre. Both have tales to tell and ghosts galore! Who is the lady who watches from one of its boxes? Who is seen walking through the Horseshoe when there's no-one (alive) in there!? Who whispers to those in the hall? Perhaps you will find out for yourself. This event is for those who are 18 and over.

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