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History, Heritage & Venue & Tours

Founder of Supernatural Events, Stephen Mercer, is a trained Blackpool Heritage Champion and as well as hosting the ghost tours, walks and investigations he also presents history, heritage and venue tours around Blackpool and at some of the town’s most important buildings and attractions.

Winter Gardens Blackpool Venue Tours

In 2021 Stephen was asked to host the Venue Tours at Blackpool's famous Winter Gardens.

These daytime tours offer a unique insight into the fascinating building, its halls, theatres, rooms and foyers, and the many events it has hosted over the years.

Click HERE or on the image above for Dates, Times and How to Book.


North Pier History & Heritage Tours

In 2022 Stephen will host the new History & Heritage Tours at Blackpool's very first attraction.

Learn how the pier has changed over the years, who performed in its entertainment venues and hear some amazing tales from the theatre (Stephen was a previous North Pier Theatre Manager).

Click HERE or on the image for Dates, Times and How to Book.





Look out for details of more History & Heritage Tours in and around Blackpool coming soon!








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